Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit is a checking of accounts required by law. A municipality may be required by its own law to have an annual audit of financial records or a company which is governed by any Law, the Law may require the audit to be conducted and the manner in which audit should be conducted and to whom the report of auditors should be presented. Like in case of companies the Companies Act needs audit of accounts, its reporting and manner of audit report.

The principal objectives of the Statutory Audit is to ensure that the financial statements i.e. the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cashflow and Notes forming part of Balance sheet and Profit/ Loss account, give a true & fair view and are free from any material misstatements. We ensure that the financial statements are drawn up with proper presentation and disclosure requirements as per the applicable laws. We also ensure that the auditee has fulfilled all the legal compliances.

Our clients can avail from us Statutory Audit and Society Audit services that are executed by meticulously carried by our team of experienced professionals. The finance audit is conducted as per the legal needs in terms of monetary issues. Our chartered accountants provide with clear information of the financial statements of the organization.

Auditing Services in Vietnam

We offer a wide range of auditing services that are highly accurate and dependable. These auditing services enable the clients to improve their financial stability and enhance the effectiveness of their decision making. The significance of efficient auditing services has further increased due to the ever increasing scope of work for companies in today’s scenario. Our auditing services enable the clients to fulfill with the regulatory standards and effectively identify & manage risks.

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