Transfer Pricing

Current Trends

  • FDI companies, being regarded as major causes for tax loss and  local market distortion, are the first target of TP audits; and
  • It is observed that during the last few years, more and more local Vietnamese companies have also been facing TP audits.

Typical Challenges facing by Business Community

  • More and more local tax authorities asking companies to prove that related party transactions are real and transferring prices are reasonably determined; and
  • No database and qualified personnel to conduct TP compliance in-house.

Transfer pricing in Vietnam. How Kreston can help

  • Benchmarking study for tax planning and defending purposes;
  • Advice on cross-border transactions among Groups and analyze TP risks;
  • TP compliance (preparation of TP form and documentation); and
  • Assist  with TP audit defense and investigations.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.