Tax Health Check

Current Trends

  • Serious enforcements in level of scrutiny on tax compliance and tax audits and aggressive in tax collection;
  • Large numbers of enterprises with tax incentive period being expired or needs to be re-registered;
  • Tax authorities’ scrutiny targets: Enterprises not being audited  within 5 year period, large projects in terms of size and taxable profits, foreign invested companies making losses but still expanding businesses.

Typical Challenges facing by Business Community

  • Lacking an effective and reliable tax compliance system;
  • Unable to keep up to date with constant changes of tax laws;
  • Inconsistent interpretations of tax laws and regulations;  and
  • Not being prepared to protect the taken position when working with tax authorities upon tax audit.

Tax health check in Vietnam. How Kreston can help

We provide pre audit tax health check services in Vietnam to:

  • Identify potential tax exposures and recommend early adjustments to minimize your Company being penalized;
  • Recommend options to deal with “grey area” issues;
  • Identify tax saving opportunities and recommend how to realize these opportunities;
  • Recommend how you can strengthen your tax compliance system; and
  • Equip you with technical knowledge and /or arguments to protect your chosen position when debating with tax authorities.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.