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TransferPricing.vn database upgraded to new 2020 version

TransferPricing.vn database upgraded to new 2020 version



On April 23, 2020, Kreston (VN) upgraded TransferPricing.vn – the database for transfer pricing in Vietnam, serving the preparation of transfer pricing documentation as per Decree 20, to the new 2020 version.

In this upgrade, TransferPricing.vn has added data from listed companies on the stock markets of Asia-Pacific countries, alongside data from ASEAN-listed companies and Vietnamese public companies.

Currently, the TransferPricing.vn database includes data from 2,100 public and listed companies in Vietnam and 14,800 listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region, including countries and territories such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, China, India, and Hong Kong. These countries and territories are considered to have economic development conditions similar to Vietnam and are suitable for searching comparable companies as per Decree 20 regulations.

Introducing TransferPricing.VN Database Version 2020

With nearly 17,000 companies across various industries, the TransferPricing.vn database can now meet the needs for preparing transfer pricing documentation for most customers operating in different sectors of the economy. This enhances the quality of Kreston (VN)‘s transfer pricing documentation consulting services and provides services to many of our partners.

Additionally, this upgrade has improved the user interface of TransferPricing.vn, offering a better and more efficient search experience.

Interested parties can visit the website: https://transferpricing.vn to learn more.