Tax Planning

Current Trends

With the current economic situation, we observe a strong trend of corporate restructuring, including M&A activities, not only within private sectors (foreign and local owned) but also within the state owned sector.

Typical Challenges facing by Business Community

  • Not having the habit of doing tax planning; or
  • Lacking resources to build a carefully considered and effective tax plan, which is legally and commercially feasible.

Tax planning in Vietnam. How Kreston can help

  • Review your business plan/business objectives;
  • Build different tax scenarios to match with your business plan/business objectives;
  • Provide a pros and cons analysis for the tax scenarios, recommend the best scenarios;
  • Recommend changes to your business plan, if necessary to maximize tax benefits while balancing other objectives i.e. legal, commercial;
  • Work with different teams of your organization or with your legal advisor.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.